Amici dei Musei di Roma

The “Friends of the Museums of Rome” Association (ONLUS) was created on the 22nd May 1948, on the initiative of a group of scholars and connoisseurs of Rome, with the aim of caring for, increasing and putting to good use the artistic heritage of the Museums of Rome.

During the many years of the Association’s activity, it has taken part in a variety initiatives to assist, particularly, the Municipality’s Museums: it has promoted many donations which have contributed to the enrichment of the collections of the Museum of Rome and the Napoleonic Museum, it has organised exhibitions and has collected the funds necessary to finance restoration works and acquisitions.

The Association’s objectives are:

To increase awareness of the Museums, Monuments, Libraries and Archives
To promote donations and bequests to the Museums
To promote the collection of funds for restoration
To acquire art objects and documents for the museum collections

From 1954 the Association has published annually, using its own editorial office and entirely at its own expense, the “Bulletin of the Municipal Museums of Rome” which is sent free of charge to members.

The official headquarters of the Association is at the Museum of Rome in Palazzo Braschi.

The Association’s office is open Tuesday and Friday from 10.00 to 13.00. An answer phone service operates at all times: 06 6873407