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The Online Exhibitions section, created during the period when museums were closed, guides the visitor in an educational journey through the video stories of the organisers.

Sala Orazi e Curiazi

EXHIBITION Domiziano Imperatore. Odio e amore.

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EXHIBITION I Marmi Torlonia. Collezionare Capolavori

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A short tour of over 90 works selected from the 620 listed marbles in the Collezione Torlonia in mostra at the Musei Capitolini. The most important private collection of ancient sculptures: a collection of historical interest in the history of art, excavations, restoration, taste, museography and archaeological studies.

EXHIBITION Il tempo di Caravaggio

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Maria Vittoria Marini Clarelli and Maria Cristina Bandera explaining the exhibition Il tempo di Caravaggio. Capolavori della collezione di Roberto Longhi, The exhibition is dedicated to the collection of Caravaggio paintings belonging to the great art historian and collector Roberto Longhi (Alba 1890 - Firenze 1970), whose fiftieth death anniversary falls in 2020. The exhibition includes Caravaggio's famous Ragazzo morso da un ramarro and over forty paintings by artists who were influenced to varying degrees by his figurative revolution in the 17th century.