Educational resources for all


Educational resources for all

Educational resources for all
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Guided Tours for Groups
Hours: on request
Language: Italiano, English, French, Spanish, German
Persons: max 25
Length: 90 minutes
Price: € 90,00
Booking: required

It's possible to get information and book a guided tour by calling 060608 every day from 9.00 to 19.00  

Currently there are no ongoing events.
Thematic visit
Musei Capitolini
02 February 2023
Visita dedicata ai possessori della MIC card, a cura di Francesca Ceci
Thematic visit
Musei Capitolini
05 January 2023
Visita dedicata ai possessori della MIC card a cura di Maria Paola Del Moro.
Natale nei Musei
Educational initiatives
Musei Capitolini
02 January 2023
 Iniziativa didattica per adulti e famiglie con bambini nell'ambito dell'iniziativa Natale nei Musei