"Grande Campidoglio"

At the centre of the programme for the development of the Capitoline hill's historical, architectural and artistic resources, albeit with full respect for its traditional role as seat of political power, we find the development and re-structuring of the Museum areas.

Il progetto del "Grande Campidoglio"

The redevelopment project was entrusted to the Dardi and Einaudi studios while the Roman Garden is the responsibility of architect Carlo Aymonino. The project aimed at the creation of a complex and fully-integrated Museum circuit, with the opening of new exhibition areas alongside the reorganisation of some of the existing sectors and the opening of some sections hitherto closed to the public.   

The exhibition area has been considerably increased with the opening to the public of the Tabularium, linked to other buildings by means of the Galleria di Congiunzione, the reorganisation of Palazzo Caffarelli and the acquisition of Palazzo Clementino, once an office block.

The museum itinerary has been enriched by the addition of new sections: the Capitoline Coin Cabinet in Palazzo Clementino and the Galleria Lapidaria in the Galleria di Congiunzione.
Further renovation work concerns the transformation of the Giardino Romano (Roman Garden) into a large glass covered hall and the reorganisation of the Castellani Collection, the halls of the Roman Horti and the section dedicated to the Temple of Capitoline Jupiter.