Hall of frescoes

The dimensions and richness of decoration in this room suggest that it was the most important. Some traces of the frescoes which once covered its walls remain. They consisted of large scale images, articulated by columns and architectural elements, and, above the door, small landscape scenes were painted. 
The room is also called the Room of Saint Peter because one of the surviving scenes depicts a cure operated by Saint Peter in front of the Temple in Jerusalem.

Palazzo Clementino Caffarelli - Sala degli Affreschi

Of particular interest is the Hall of Frescoes, whose decoration extended to the other walls, as evidenced by the large fragments preserved. A complex architectural composition with columns and cornices frames a series of frescoes representing sacred scenes, such as the Miracle of Saint Peter, or smaller representations of landscapes in the above panels.

The rich wooden doors of the rooms are worthy of mention, their restoration has brought back the original beauty of the carving and of the gilding. The valuable artefacts were not designed for these rooms, but they were adapted to the doorways with changes and cuts.

Ritratto di Adriano su busto moderno
Head: Hadrianic period; bust 18th century
Busto di Tiberio
1st century AD