Palazzo Clementino Caffarelli

The Palazzo Caffarelli, including the oldest nucleus which is known as the Palazzo Clementino, became part of the museum system in 2000.
Restoration work, particularly in the rooms of the Palazzo Clementino, has made it possible to restore the original dimensions of the rooms and to recover parts of the decorative work in what was the Palazzo’s main reception floor.

The original core of the building was built in the late sixteenth century on the Capitoline Hill, where the Caffarellis’ possessions were. The building, leaning against Palazzo dei Conservatori, appeared in city maps since 1593; in modern times it was erroneously called Palazzo Clementino. The Hall of Frescoes and three adjacent rooms belong to the old building, as evidenced by the wooden coffered ceilings and parts of the wall decorations found during restoration, only surviving elements of a decorative apparatus referable to the same period.