Large fragment of an architrave with reliefs showing sacrificial instruments

Grande frammento di architrave con rilievi raffiguranti strumenti sacrificali
Elemento architettonico
Flavian period (1st century AD)
Material and technique: 
From Rome, Roman Forum – Temple of Vespasian and Titus
inv. MC1918

The hall

Tabularium - Galleria trasversale

At the top of the stairs leading up from the Junction Gallery we find the colossal marble statue of Veiovis found in the cell area of the temple, where it must have been the central image of worship. On the right-hand side, protected by glass, we can see the rear portion of the high travertine marble pedestal of the Temple of Veiovis, beyond the remains of the large tufa-stone Tabularium wall, which at this point was indented to allow for the presence of the temple. 

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