Statue of Wounded Amazon

Statua di Amazzone ferita
500 B.C. - 401 B.C.
Material and technique: 
alt. 1.97 m
Musei Capitolini, Palazzo Nuovo, Salone (1804 - 1839) Musei Capitolini, Palazzo Nuovo, Atrio (1753 - 1804)
S 733

Statue of wounded Amazon.The head is not relevant: it was added to the statue after 1775, because until this date it was in the Sala delle Colombe. In the years 1944-45 it was in the Salone degli Orazi e Curiazi. According to Helbig, the head is a copy of the polyclete original.


The hall

Palazzo Nuovo - Sala del Gladiatore

The centre of the room features the so-called "Dying Galatian", one of the best-known and most important works in the museum. 
It is a replica of one of the sculptures in the ex-voto group dedicated to Pergamon by Attalus I to commemorate the victories over the Galatians in the III and II centuries BC.

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