Colossal statue of Mars: Pyrrhus

Statua colossale di Marte: "Pirro"
110 - 138 century II AD
Material and technique: 
alt. cm 360
S 58

The statue represents Marte: the bearded god wears a tall Corinthian helmet, an anatomical cuirass decorated with a pair of facing griffins and triple row of lower pteryges, decorated with masks, palmettes and animal protomes.
There is a recent consensus to attribute the statue to a copy of the depiction of Marte Ultore (vendicatore), the god to whom the temple in the Foro di Augusto was dedicated.

The hall

Palazzo Nuovo - Atrio

Along the walls of the long porticoed ground-floor corridor opening onto the Courtyard there are large niches with statues, including colossal representations of Minerva and Mars.

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