Young boy portrayed as Hercules choking the snakes

Fanciullo raffigurato come Ercole che strozza i serpenti
Second half of 2nd century AD
Material and technique: 
cm 64
inv. MC0247

La statuetta rappresenta un bambino reale, reso come il piccolo eroe. Nel ritratto si è riconosciuto il piccolo Caracalla o, più di recente, Annio Vero, figlio dell'imperatore Marco Aurelio.

The hall

Palazzo Nuovo - Galleria

The two sides of the Gallery are lined with a row of sculptures of various types from different periods arranged according to strictly ornamental criteria. 
Many statues are Roman copies of original Greek masterpieces, now lost. Modern restoration has, in some cases, greatly altered the original iconography. 
Hundreds of small inscriptions, mainly from the Empress Livia's colombarium of slaves and freedmen on the Via Appia, have been inserted in the walls. 

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