359-341 BC
Material and technique: 
Grey granite
Figura alt. 105 cm, Base alt. 47 cm, larg. 61 cm, prof. 76 cm
Palazzo dei Conservatori, Musei Capitolini, Vignola portico passage (until 2008); Palazzo dei Conservatori, Musei Capitolini, Egyptian and Egyptian monuments room (from 1990); Palazzo dei Conservatori, Musei Capitolini, Egyptian collection
S 26

The statue represents a cynocephalus, i.e. a baboon, a god associated with the Sun god: seated on his hind legs, with the front ones gathered on his knees, and on his head and torso the hair indicated as a sort of smooth cloak. The eye sockets. empty, were filled with stones made of other material.
On the base of the plinth is an inscription, fragmentary, which refers to the dedication of the statue to the god Thot, as a decorative element of a monument of pharaoh Nectanebo II.


Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Palazzo Nuovo - Sala Egizia

Most of the works on display come from the “Iseo del Campo Marzio”, the most important sanctuary in Rome dedicated to the Egyptian gods.

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