Garofalo (Benvenuto Tisi, Ferrara 1481 ca. - 1559)

Material and technique: 
oil on canvas
cm 103 x 132
Monastero di San Bernardino, cappella dell'infermeria (1528 - 1624 ante) Rome, Pio Private Collection (1624 ante - 1750)
PC 5

In the foreground, on the left, the announcing angel in magnificent dress, is kneeling, his head crowned and holding three white lilies in his right hand with which he points to the Virgin; the latter, near a wooden kneeler, in a red dress and blue mantle, her head bowed, is leafing through a book with her right hand while holding her left hand to her breast. The second floor is divided in half by large coupled columns between which descends in flight the dove of the Holy Spirit who, with the other two figures of the Trinity, at the top left, between the clouds, forms a diagonal that converges towards Maria; behind her is a domestic setting with a lit fireplace and a cat.

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Sala II - Il Cinquecento a Ferrara

The room houses paintings coming from Ferrara, the capital of a small independent duchy, ruled by the Este family, whose polished court attracted many writers and artists. The formal elegance is the main element of the artistic production of Ferrara, one of the main centres of Italian Renaissance.

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